Wednesday, July 9, 2014

it's all good

House appraisal back and the news is good, better than expected. It came back higher than what we originally paid. 2 years ago it was worth half that much. While mainly this just means the refinance will go through with no mortgage insurance, the best part is we are dropping our interest rate by half and not adding any additional time. It makes us feel better that we are no longer upside down. Now, putting more money in to it for repairs/ upgrades doesn't seem so scary. And ... I LOVE HAVING A CLEAN HOUSE.

Food this week has just not been an issue just enjoying it --strawberries and peaches. After being sore all weekend after the cleanapalooza and just napping on Sunday and working on Monday, I was full of energy on Tuesday. I walked, I did a weight training class, I did about 20 minutes of high intensity intervals on the upright bike. I could have danced zumba through the weight training class. This is NOT how it normally is. I feel unburdened and energetic. More proof that rest periods are really good for recharging the batteries.