Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Humbled....or also known as Humble Pie for the Soul

Slice #1

The weather gods got together and pulled a fast one on me, after my beyatchin' in that last post about the hot, muggy Atlanta weather (I swear Monday morning at 6:30 am it was like a Sauna .)

This morning on my 6:30 am walk it was closer to 59 degrees . A cool front *from the North pole, I bet* hovers over Atlanta and we had record lows here not seen since the 1930's. Almost sweater weather. Our air conditioner had a rest today and we enjoyed fresh air and ceiling fans . When is Fall? The fact that Halloween candy is out at the stores already did not seem that far fetched.

Seriously, I know God was chuckling-he does have a funny side too.

Slice #2

There's nothing like going to an exercise class with that scary teacher 'Jessie' filling in for our usual teacher and proving to us all that we are not as in shape as we thought we were after years of gym going. I mean 30 people doing walking lunges around the perimeter of the gym. I counted 80 bicep curls. ouch! She winked at me a few times which made me feel better because I had to modify a few things. Ouch, again.

Big ol' slice of #3 - Trigger foods --Once a trigger always a trigger. Here I'm going to mention some foods.

For me, 100# avoidance doesn't work so well for the long run. I know many bloggers and people can do the abstinence thing and that is what works. Great. I have done that on occasions in the past, but in the long run it didn't work so well when we are talking about whole major food groups. Spot abstinence seems to work for me.

My major triggers are cereals, cookies, bread, muffins, etc. My mother had Aunt Sara Lee in our lives and freezer at all times. Little Debbie lived in the bread box. Oreos were hidden in the top cabinet--that picture of my avatar is probably really me.

I binged (meaning half a box) on raisin bran starting at age 4 or 5 and it was kept in the top cabinet too. Climbing counters and the use of tongs or a broom comes in handy when you are only 4.

Now, I never , NEVER buy Raisin bran. Total and complete abstinence-4 ever!

But Kashi cereals are ok and do not trigger me because they are meh as far as tastiness. Granola can get outta controla (could not resist) but I do love it on yogurt. I look at it when I shop (frequently and wistfully) and try to find the lowest sugar / calorie/ least potential-to-trigger-a-binge brand. When I say binge these days it means like a 1/2 cup serving followed by another 1/2 cup serving. Still a binge in spirit.

I recently bought some granola and measured every serving and made it through 2 weeks before having a bowlful two days in a row. No more granola in the house. There are single serving bags now by Kind brand but I think I'm going to hold off. The binge-guilt is still fresh.

I confess I also obsessed over fig bars both in the regular brand and health food section at the store recently. I'm safer buying a single serving when I'm out and about but never do. It's been months since I had a fig newton , and it will stay that way.

And the last and biggest slice of Humble Pie #4 -

Healthcare is such a topic in the news , everywhere. Big bad healthcare. I'm a nurse and I work in healthcare and it amazes me still the things that can happen to a body. I had a patient recently that came in with very benign symptoms that became a train wreck over night. That they were in a very good hospital and being followed by very good doctors is the only reason they are alive, though I don't know what the outcome will be. I yelled out loud unexpectedly when I realized how things were going down the tubes so fast. For all the bad news Healthcare gets, medicine and doctors and nurses and everybody that makes a hospital work are a blessing. A blessing. I am humbled before thee.