Thursday, July 17, 2014

Checkin In -Miranda Lambert Style

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Last weekend, I visited my sister in Alabama and we went to the Miranda Lambert concert. This is how she looked in Tuscaloosa on Friday night. It was an outdoor amphitheater with a beautiful sunset and a coolish night. An awesome first 'country concert', but I have to admit her cover of a ZZ top song was what really got me moving. Coldplay was my last concert and before that maybe The Go Go's or Duran Duran. I'm more of an Alt Nation / Old Wave/ Arena Rock girl, but I've really taken to country in the last two years. What good story tellers. Well, I must have liked it because I tried to win tickets for Miranda when she comes to Atlanta in October. I managed to get through two times but I was not the 10th caller. Tomorrow, is yet another day.

Going 'home' always challenges my food planned. I planned and ate what I expected 2 out of the 4 days. There were a few indulgences, but some good choices too. I'm fully back on track. Food wise, the highlight was sharing my lunch with a wild green-eyed black cat at a rest stop. I had plans for walks, but it was dang hot and humid ya'll. I was so tired I fell asleep at Panera over my chicken orzo soup so I HAD to down some coffee at Barnes and Nobles to wake myself up.

Frustrated over: After de-cluttering and cleaning the house we can't find several things. I'm personally frustrated about the missing Tylenol bottle and my Mp3 player.

Listening to: Well, not the Mp3 player. I had come up with some tracks I wanted to download to spice up my workouts (ZZ top, Miranda, Kongos--awesome south African band, Foster the People, Carney). bummer man.

Watching : Penney Dreadful on demand on Showtime. Re-watching it--kinda R + rated.

Reading : a book about the women and history of Cumberland Island and another book called 'The Long Road Home' by Mary Alice Monroe.

Exercising: walks in the morning, bike and heavy weights at the gym tonight. Yoga this weekend.

Afraid of: those big black Southern roaches that keep popping up in the house. eeeeeeeeeeeeee

Dreaming of: my usual dreams of having trouble locking doors and finding money in hand me down clothes. Oh, that's what I dreamed.

I'm dreaming of a beach vacation in the quirky little island town where we were married. Tybee Island, Georgia

Amd, I'm thinking of tomorrows coffee.