Monday, July 28, 2014

Checkin In--Hot, Humid , Muggy, Monday in July

Dock time

Hot! Humid! The South ! add to that Hot Flashes!
That about covers everything.

Well, ok. not exactly.

Weekend: a whole lot less intensity and gamut of feelings than the weekend before. Things were relatively chill, happy, relaxed, cooperative, productive, and light. Big surprise ,as Friday day while I was working I did have some anger and depression and hurt feelings from how my husband was acting. I journaled a letter to my husband about how I felt. It was a cathartic release kind of letter and it would never be sent to him. We actually worked through the issues later in the day without much effort. That rocks.

Friday --Closed on our refinance--the attorney came to our house. We are saving a lotta money. He told us we were getting a very good deal. Cha ching! feeling fine and the house is clean and neat. Hand cramping from signing so much paperwork.

Saturday-Interval Training, Yoga, Zumba! We ate out Mexican, spent a lot of time at the used book store, got iced coffee, and then just wen home to chill out.

Sunday-Drive to the hills -Mtns- lake to visit with my father in law. I did chores on the property in long sleeves and pants in 90+ degree temps due to the bugs/ poison ivy . I then rewarded myself with my first swim in the lake and an ice cream bar. It's an ice cream bar I've wanted to try for months and had discussed / planned with my dietician. I enjoyed it very much but would not ever buy this to have at home. My husband said I looked like I was really enjoying it.

One of those foam noodle things had floated up on the beach, so I had a nice time floating around. It's peaceful but he has deep water docks, so it suddenly gets a little too cold and dark and scary. I paddle back towards shore with my found noodle when that happens. So while this all sounds idyllic , it comes with a price. My father in law is a bitter, depressed, miserable man and he is not willing to change or reconsider or accept very much help. I want to help so I do this yard work, but it doesn't seem to be enough. Mostly we listen and nod and try to make him laugh and steer him towards topics that are not so depressing.

Cooking-I cleaned out the veggies in the freezer and I'm making crockpot 'dump' veggie chili to eat for afternoon snacks and to put up and freeze for later in the year. This is more like a super chunky veggie salsa than anything that would be good as a soup base or over salad or with chips.

Body Feelings--Full, I ate a bowl of that veggie stuff. Muscles in my bootay are saying "Heyyyy"...we picked up sticks and dragged trees around yesterday." Otherwise, few aches and complaints.

Emotion Feelings--relieved, calm, relaxed in many ways.

Reading--still reading the same book as before but can't wait to dig in to my new finds. I skim read about 2/3 of a book while at the book store Saturday. My husband has a lot of things to look for when he goes. I find a corner and just sit down. Love that , and I think I bought enough to pay for my reading time.

image from somewhere on the internet--not our bookstore but close

Well, I feel cooler already. Have a good one.