Tuesday, February 4, 2014

What If the extra weight just magically went away in one night?

That is what my nutritionist asked me today. What a question!
What would I notice first?
What really matters?

My first response was just to imagine the physical relief and lightness of losing this extra 60 or so pounds. I wouldn't feel the heaviness that weighs me down in body -mind- spirit. I might jump out of bed with energy rather that trip and stumble in to the bathroom. ( Ok, so maybe magic weight loss doesn't mean sudden grace and balance.)

Maybe I wouldn't feel the discomfort in my pelvic area or hips or back that I feel every morning when I get out of bed. My shoulders and elbows may not pop and crack as I move around. Maybe I would run my hand down a flatter abdomen and slip in to looser clothes. Hey, better than that, I'd go shopping for new clothes. Cute workout clothes. Then I'd go run a 5 K on the treadmill as I work towards improving my running time. My knees could handle it better back at that lower weight.

I'd have that feeling of pride that I'm healthier and more fit. I like the feeling that I'm a quasi athlete. And it's Fun, more fun when I'm not down and beating up on myself.

She made a good point. It's what I needed to hear.

It was a reminder to me of what I want, really want. See, I've been at that lower weight and felt all those things. I just had to remember what it felt like. I can do this. It isn't impossible.

It was a good little motivating speech.

What IF?