Tuesday, February 11, 2014

"...Too much! too much!....."

store shelves in Atlanta--photo by cnn.com

"Too much ,Too much!"--that's my favorite line from the film "Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas" starring a bald Johnny Depp and based on Hunter Thompson's exploits...my husband and I use that line often ( with the same accent and inflection as in the movie ) in reference to many things.

Too much Glucose--I got my labs back from the doctor's visit of a couple of weeks ago. My hgb a1c ( overall glucose control for the last 3 months) which has been stellar is up a bit. Now 'ok' but I liked being stellar. The last few months of grief, comfort eating, and holiday eating has caught up not only on the scale but with my overall blood glucose control. Time to hunker down.

Too much Potassium--now this freaked me out. I've notice over the last year that my potassium level is on the high end of normal. But this time I was above normal. This could be a sign of my kidneys are not happy and not able to process out the potassium that I'm taking in . But all of my other labs related to kidney and liver function are just fine, so that's a good sign. It doesn't stop me from seeing myself facing kidney disease from diabetes. If it goes higher it puts me at risk for heart rhythm issues. It also seems to be interfering with the release of lactic acid as my legs are cramped up. I reviewed it all with my nutritionist today so I feel prepared. Just gotta do the right thing. Time to hunker down.

The prescription from the doc is to avoid any potassium supplements and potassium rich foods, specifically raisins and tomatoes and banana and citrus. I have to come back in for labs in a week. I realized when researching foods high in potassium that almost ALL of the foods I eat daily are potassium rich. It helped me more to look at the list of foods low in potassium--apples , green beans, eggplant, peaches. Avoiding my usual and favorite foods in addition to the usual avoidance of certain trigger food items can feel very restrictive. My attitude is 'I'll do what I gotta do.' I do miss my tomato based soups that I make and eat frequently.

Too much ice and snow-to come to Atlanta is what they say. They are actually saying "a winter storm of biblical proportion!" ok, that is just "too much , too much!". They even say, "all of you listeners think we are overcompensating for our last snow debacle of recent, but we are not. this is going to be historic". This is the South ..we freak out. The grocery shelves are fairly empty in Atlanta. Schools are closed. it's a state of emergency.

The ice is the bad part. The expected inch of ice is actually more ice depth than is on a normal ice skating rink. With ice the
Trees fall, power lines fall, things and people get fallen on, and travel and electricity are a problem. We always lose a tree during an ice storm. We are hunkered down. Kindle is charging. Flashlights and candles ready. Water stored. My warmest clothes are in the dryer. We have plenty of supplies.

That's it. Stay warm and dry where y'all are and we'll do the same.