Monday, February 17, 2014

What would you choose? and the post Valentine experience and Stuff

Chose this, not that

Shopping at Target and had Starbucks treat--I got a tall coffee Caffe Verona blend, versus the salted caramel hot cocoa I was eyeing . I used my credit card...shudder

dinner tonight--grilled fish with green beans and broccoli and one hush puppy vs batter dipped fish with fries and 2 hushpuppies

watched ice skating and then Buying the Bayou on tv with a bag of 100 calorie popcorn versus seeing a movie and succumbing to movie popcorn

Sunday the calorie count was a little high, today I'm well under the limit and I'm not hungry...balance

The Valentine thing--

Valentine was a work day. We ate my favorite take out meal-Chick fil A salad and southwestern soup. I just spent time with my big thing... and everything....

There was an earthquake in South Carolina that night that could be felt here in Atlanta. Yes earthquake. Our dog was acting freaky before then and my husband had a weird feeling that something with the earth was happening. This was an hour before the kidding. Saturday everyone I crossed paths with had Earthquake stories to share. Me, personally? I got nuthin'. oblivious

And yea, I ate some chocolate ..just a little each day ..and a little less each day---Not a whole damn candybar worth

--Saturday I went to Yoga and then did some heavy weight training. I'm still sore.
--Sunday I cleaned the fridge and got on my knees and scrubbed. ...hmmm still sore. That was actually pretty good exercise as my muscles were so sore from weight training that I could feel each muscle group that was in use.
--Today, I went to an hour long zumba class at my church taught by some new intructers trying to get some experience. As far as intensity I would call it Zumba lite. But it still was a good workout, just not the boot camp atmosphere at some of my gym classes. After working a 12 hour day, it was just right.

totally , totally random but on my mind

--For anyone watching Downton Abbey, don't you think the clothes and the colors and makeup are exceptional this year? The dark purples, the dark blues, the light pinks. I wish they would come out with Downton Abbey inspired clothing lines =everywhere, even for us plus size girls.

--We were walking our dog through the neighborhood and one of my neighbors was yelling at her yappy dog named "Bridget. Bridget Jones!"...that struck us as funny. Then we saw the neighbor's cat walking down the street who had hung out at our house like we were his best buddies for about a week and now he totally disses us. animals. people.