Thursday, February 13, 2014

Check one more off the bucket list!


If you haven't heard we got some ice and then some snow here in the ATL (already melting). My husband's family is from the Midwest so we have an old-school wooden sled. Last night , the streets in our neighborhood were empty and quiet. Where were all the people? I love roaming around on a quiet night by the glow of lamps and tv sets when the rest of the world is all tucked in . We had an inch of ice, so my husband said it was our only chance to go sledding.

Never been on a sled. I didn't even think that that we would be in a lying-on-our-tummy head-first position. I used a little Yoga to get off and on --downward dog, up dog, plank. Who knew you could combine Yoga and sledding. First, he pulled me around the block and pushed me down a little hill. Then we Tromped over to the biggest hill in our neighborhood which is a bit of an overstatement. It's more like a block long downward slope that ends in a culdesac.

Whew! so much fun. So quiet--just that sled sound.....just a bit romantic...... no injuries-YEAH

photo from wikipedia!