Saturday, January 12, 2013

Weekend posting--what to do

Here in Georgia it's warm (high 60's right now and headed to low 70's) and partly cloudy. This just isn't right for January. But by Tuesday the high will be 48 degrees. Yes! I know you don't care about the weather in Georgia but I do.

It's Saturday and I have lot's of exercise class options . I've missed yoga because all of your blogs are too interesting and I had to read about those weird scientologists folks on the huffingoton posts. Plus, I slept late. plus I cleaned out the freezer--I don't think soup from 2009 would still be good?

My Saturday consists of this-- peeling my rump off the sofa to dress and go to Zumba class and maybe some weight training mixed in on the songs / dances I don't like. It's January , so the class will be filled to the brim. I'm learning how to use the rowing machine ( these things don't come naturally to me), so I'll spend a little time there. I just made plans for Lunch at Doc Greens-salad and soup! Then there is grocery shopping. and home.......

Sunday - church? yoga? probably. I'll probably cook something healthy . Then the fun begins.
Television Sunday
Downton Abbey--crack!
Goldon Globes
Girls on Hbo.

What am I going to do when Game of thrones returns?

I admit I'm a tv junkee.