Tuesday, January 8, 2013

get up and cook! a living the serenity prayer post

Ok, but first I will praise my alma mater ...Go BAMA! Alabama #1.!!!

Next, Life in my home or at least the tone right now is a little out of control or at least very tense, emotional, damaged, and filled with uneasy silences. There isn't much I can control but how I approach things, how I manage my food, and work to improve my body. So that being said, I am in 'uber manage my food' mode.

I do best with eating balanced and healthy and tasty food when I plan and really think about it. But food taste better from restaurants. Well, yeah. But it's gonna make you fatter. (those are the voices in my head).I'm usually a go with the flow girl and that is a recipe for disaster. I tend to given in when I listen to the voice that says "let's go get......".

So I try to be a 'home cook'. I'm not a cook or a foodie blogger that takes great snaps of my final product, that's for sure. But I can throw together a few simple things and somewhat follow a recipe. I knew that the 3 minute cookie recipe time that I wrote down that said microwave for 45 minutes was probably wrong. see. :/

Soups, roasted veggies , and chili are my speciality. I got up an hour before work and threw together a broccoli/ham/ cheddar frittata, a basic cornbread recipe to go with chili that I have, and a 3 minute oatmeal cookie from Carrots n Cake blog (it is essentially just oatmeal). Now I have chicken breasts going in the crockpot just with lemon and pepper to "roast".

It works for me. Now I can plan meals for the next few days. See, I do learn something from the internet. And it's keeping me less haphazard in meal selection.

Happy tooooseday.


  1. Cooking at home is so much better for you, and cheaper too, I noticed. I find myself much less likely to pig out on good foods that I make myself as opposed to what I get at restaurants.

  2. This post made me chuckle, except for the tenseness you describe (and that is so familiar to me as well). Your crock pot chicken breasts sound fabulous. I too have the warped belief that "foods taste better from restaurants." Wait...no... it's not a belief. It's the voice of one of those dang addictive devils that sits on my shoulder and blathers nonsense. Happened tonight, saying how good restaurant pizza is... I escaped for once, and had left over pea/bean/veggie/ham soup, which was, in fact much more delicious than any pizza from a restaurant. Hoooooooray for us!