Friday, September 19, 2014



It's been a busy work week of 10 and 11 hour days of butt-sitting computer and phone work with not as much exercise as I need. The time not working I spent sorting through years of paperwork and filling bags and boxes with old files. I'm preparing for the Great Shredder Event.

It happens once or so a year and they set up these giant shredder events for people like me to bring car loads of things to be shredded. Since I don't go in to an office that has giant shredder machines or bins, This is perfect. We have a shredder at home, but I would have to work full time for a week just shredding 10 hours a day to get this load done. My friend L only has 1 file box for all her papers. Imagine that? I'll be taking 4 trash size garbage bags plus to be shredded and will still have 2 file cabinets of files remaining at home.

My husband is going along and we'll leave early as there will be hundreds or more people there to shred. We may need to take our pick up truck. This feels like a continuation of the purging we did when we prepared the house for the refinance inspection. It feels REALLY, REALLY Good. Lightening up.

And it feels scary. What if I screw up and take something I need later?. What if they don't shred our stuff and steal our identities from our stuff? What if I later find another box or bag of stuff that I didn't take to be shredded?

I do feel a bit like a hoarder when I pluck through my old pay stubs from 1995 (actual paychecks , not direct deposited). I'm the executer of my mother's estate and she passed 9 years ago. I did wean out a lot of her paperwork then. But I really thinned it out tonight. It's tough throwing away lists and banks accounts in your mother's distinctive hand writing. But it's just stuff and clutter. I have enough. I have plenty.

Random things I found while Sorting:

Lots of diet / weight loss articles and and various paperwork from Weight Watchers, Jenny Craig, OA, Curves and magazines. All trashed, soooo freeing. ( Well , except one meal planning guide I wanted to look through just one more time for ideas. )

A paystub from the movie "The King's Speech"

Lots of pennies.

A full checkbook of unused checks.

Receipts so old that the ink had disappeared.

Receipts for cars I no longer own.

Old birthday cards and notes and letters going back 30 years...saved these to view another time.

The old 1040 paper guides for completing taxes that you used to get from the post office.

Our pets' adoption papers.

The notes I took when I planned our simple beach wedding 17 years ago.

Still Didn't Find: Our marriage license and our wedding vows. Where the heck are they+?


Besides all this, I'm sort of reducing and shredding Food wise.

I'm eating smaller meals to aid in better digestion .
I wait till I'm hungry.
I pre plan options for meals each day , as well as a back up to the back up plans.
I'm using up freezer food. Fall is crockpot weather and I need freezer space to fill.
I have misjudged what is too spicy or too gassy or simply too much at times.
Each mistake makes me wiser.
I bypassed home made chocolate torte. With no regrets and no whining. Triumph!
I had a little itty bitty piece of a Pepperidge Farm cake and turned my nose up at the rest. Not triggered for anything else after.
I nearly burned a hole in my stomach eating a few ounces of meat that was too spicy. I'm still burning a couple of days later despite double strength doses of meds. I thoughtfully think about sucking on pepto bismol tabs for comfort.
I didn't weigh because It usually derails me or frustrates me.

I'm taking care of myself.

Monday, September 15, 2014

Art, Biscuits, Magic, Sleep, Saying No, and U2

Saturday was one of my 'fun days' until about 6 pm. A friend and I hit up Kohls for the early bird special at 8:30 and I got 2 tops for the price of one. cha ching $$.

Then we headed in to Atlanta's Candler park area to a favorite Breakfast place--The Flying Biscuit Café. We live in the affordable, normal life, less cool suburbs (OTP- outside the perimeter) and anything inside the perimeter highway that circles Atlanta is considered ITP. Actually, ITP is code for cool, artsy, and also yuppie and hipster. I'm an OTP but have lived in and would still prefer to live ITP. Either way, We like going down there ever so often as it is grade A people-watching territory.

If you are a no carb person this is not your place. The Flying biscuit is because the biscuits are like sky high. I approached it with the idea of eating what I wanted but half of it. Big portions here. I ate half of the chicken sausage, half of the biscuit, half of the eggs, half of an oatmeal pancake with peaches, BUT all of the grits ("creamy dreamy grits" and they were. Oh, and only 1/3 of a cup of coffee -strong stuff. I only took the other half of the biscuit and the pancake as leftovers for later in the week. Leaving food on the plate is a good and rare thing, and I was still stuffed.

On to the park for the arts festival. Here's a pic of the lake with a wee bit of the skyline behind it. There's some of the flowers in the park . What isn't seen are the sweating humans because it was 1000% humid that it was very common to see people with partially wet clothing. Parks mean fair food ( funnel cake and such) and these incredible looking Pineapple drinks mixed with melon and served in a pineapple. I was still stuffed from breakfast, but towards the end of the day I managed to have a little home made mocha pecan ice cream. That is a combination that is rare, so I wanted to sample it. I walked by the Beignets from a French bakery--now that is something.

Miles walked : 4.2 Money spent: $15 for an artsy barrette and ice cream. Dream money spent if I had a lot of money would have been about $ 3000 on photographs, folk art, and a table made from a really large cross sections of a tree.

On to the movies aka time to dry off. We saw "Magic in the Moonlight" Woody Allen's newest film based in the south of France in the 1920's and starring Colin Firth and Emma Stone. It was enjoyable, peaceful, a beautiful setting for the film and beautifully filmed. The clothing and music were exquisite. My only complaint would be that it seemed like Colin Firth seemed to be shouting his lines at the first part of the movie.

After coming off weeks of being ill with GI issues, I was feeling cocky and had a small popcorn with little diet coke. The pains started towards the end of the movie. I made it home and the fun was over. Relapse on the GI issues. I was asleep by 8 and slept through to the next day and then part of that day.

Lesson learned the hard way. I took the advice of my dietician today and my food plan for the next few weeks , as we have like 28 feet of intestines to heal here, will be low sugar, low caffeine, low fiber, low carbination. That's a tall order but I'm going for it.

Off topic? If you have an Apple device did you get the free download of U2's new album? It is awesome. I can remember working at my college library in 1981 and talking about the U2 Boy album with a classmate from my English class. For a small town girl raised on Southern Rock, The Beatles, CSNY, and Kiss--U2 rocked my soul. I actually cried at the first U2 concert I experienced. Over the years, some of the albums I've loved, some just been meh, but this one I thoroughly enjoy. I'm looking forward to walking and cycling to this one.

Thursday, September 11, 2014

Real Life--Gym-music-reading-sleep-pjs-n love

Hey Ya'll...I'm feelin' good again ..really good. I found my mp3 player and downloaded some new tunes. My gym clothes are ready, I even washed my sports shoes. I did a weight work out while I did some online training for work. I'm ready to get back to (my) real life.

Gym-music-reading-sleep-pjs-n love.

(The TMI part--Ct scan was good. I just need to watch the acidic and the spicy, and I actually need to take Mirilax every day and eat fiber or drink Metamucil also.....)

Let the coffee pour! I'm still restricting this to one cup a day--one cup is better than no cups at all.

I'm loaded up on veggies and apples. Still holding off on the pumpkin stuff until the first day of Autumn.

Have a great weekend. I either have an arts festival or a movie or some yoga in my weekend plans.

Monday, September 8, 2014

A Very Sticky Situation..quick photo blog

We don't have a cat anymore, but our neighbor's cat lives with us part time as he wishes.

Here is something that took place today :

+ Plus

Results In The Need for


And also this --for the Cat scratch fever prevention

photos from various sites including cat from excite

Saturday, September 6, 2014

The Coffee Addict lifts her head up a bit, and looks around...But what does my addict do ?

Headache 90% gone...for some reason it is still like a very dull ache on occasion. It may not be all related to coffee or caffeine. But at least I'm not miserable every day like I was. I have moments of total sluggishness at breakfast times and after lunch when I have coffee usually. I'm still coffee free but I'm thinking my abdominal pain is so much better (but still not gone)that I might try just a little with milk.

AH, maybe not. Remember my resolution? No coffee. ARGGH!

CT scan of the belly is done and will just see what's what mid week. The GI symptoms are waaay better than I was last week and way waaay better than the week before.

( my resolution from the previous post : )
I'm not going to drink coffee until there is no pain , at all , completely and 100% (Arabica).
Probably , will wait till I see my doc next week.
I mean 100% compliance, folks. )

Double arggghhh!

I wrote that trying to take care of myself-the wiser part of me over the addict part.
If you write it , you should try to do it.

The lesson learned about this coffee addiction and the fact that I feel pretty darn crappy without it? I need to drink less coffee once I can resume it , but I need to enjoy and really savor that coffee. Just like I need to savor and enjoy feeling good and being active. Since I have a 'coffee' themed kitchen I still really want to resume the darn stuff.

What my addict self does without coffee== is sigh a lot. siggghhhhhh

She also looks for other things to fixate over. I've noticed more of a sweet tooth, so Coffee flavoured greek yogurt and baked apples and oatmeal with apples and cranberry are in my meal selections lately.

Avoids cookies! Yesterday , I drove thru Mcdonalds to get my husband 2 fish sandwiches and I fixated and vascillated on the idea of getting their chocolate chip cookies...150 calories each.
--First , I had no desire for the other food there...that, I felt good about.
- I asked myself if I would feel good about making that choice to have a cookie because it was spur of the moment? No
- Would I feel better about and enjoy a chocolate chip cookie more if it was something I really wanted and had thought out and kind of pre planned and gave my self permission to enjoy. Yea. I knew I could have one and not want more (I can actually do this, folks when I am in the right mindset. This is a life long process for me and this works for me.)

-I felt good about not ordering it but between the time I paid at one window and picked up at the pick up window and drove off, my addict was chanting and hopping up and down in the back seat like a 5 yr old. Then the big pout as we drove away. But my other selves that want to feel better and be healthy did a fist pump and said a woot woot!.

Wednesday, September 3, 2014

Lamentations of a Coffee Addict

Also, this could be titled "My brain is screaming !"

So , since about Tuesday August 19 I've been having GI symptoms--bloating , pain , burning, especially pain in my upper right abdomen burning through to my back. I've had this before -several times. I usually take Omeprazole (Prevacid) with tums in between, Lay off acidic foods including coffee and usually after a few days I'm good as gold.
Sounds like gallbladder or peptic ulcer disease but never really shows anything on an ultrasound.

This little spell, however, just continues and continues and diverts in to new symptoms. ( will spare you ) I saw the doc and got a super high dose drug which within a few days made me feel better -though not perfect. He ordered a CT scan and I'm having to hound the office because it still wasn't processed yet ( if you don't ever hear from a doctors office when you should have --hound them!, meaning possibly 2 calls will be needed . thus speaks the nurse.) Ct scan scheduled for this Friday.

Somewhere in there I quit coffee and diet coke because I knew I should from past experience. By Sunday 8/31 I felt a lot better and since we were at a breakfast joint that puts a pot of coffee on the table, I couldn't resist and had 1 1/2 cup. The pain increased by the next day .

ok, ok I learned my lesson . Except , addict self me , just was dying for just a little diet coke the same day after the coffee. I had a quarter of a can ...ooooh burn baby burn ....

Ok, Ok! lesson learned!!!

It is the flavor, the idea, the habit, the sensations, the smell, the taste that I am missing of these things. I normally have 2 big ol mugs of coffee twice a day and maybe one Caffeine free diet coke twice a week.

Big ol' mug

Oh, I forgot to mention . I 'm having caffeine withdrawal headaches every day since August 20 and getting worse each day . Tylenol kinda works , sometimes.

I looked up coffee withdrawal and addiction and I have all the symptoms. My brain chemistry and neuro-receptors yada yada are, apparently , all messed up. I will likely be depressed it says..more so than usual. The bad news is I have to still work and deal with people and can't crawl in to bed and read and doze. The worst news is that the length / intensity of these withdrawal symptoms is in correlation to your caffeine intake. I'm screwed.

My addict brain has been going back and forth --that whole angel / devil on either shoulder kind of discussion about ' maybe a little coffee with a lot of milk will satisfy this thing and help the headache' OR " MAYBE NOT! Be good". Just like my food addict does when I'm obsessing and jonesin' on a food item . addict coffee addict

Darn it stop! ..Confession : I listened to the devil addict side. I had about 3 ounces of coffee in a cup of milk....burn baby burn and my gallbladder contracted..not something you normally feel.

In summary and resolution:
I'm going to buy some coffee flavored greek yogurt today .
I'm not going to drink coffee until there is no pain , at all , completely and 100% (Arabica).
Probably , will wait till I see my doc next week.
I mean 100% compliance, folks.
I may put a towel over the Big Jar that holds my various coffee bags..just to get it out of sight (out of mind).
This sucks!

Sunday, August 31, 2014

Apparently, The Pumpkin is's to Pumpkinating ! Fallishness post #1

*I actually took care to try to not put food photos in this least I'm not sure if this counts as a food photo. Food porn really activates my inner addict self.
(also photos are from the actual sites for the products)

Now totally off topic but on my mind, something for laughs......we all need to laugh.

If you haven't seen the ' Apparently Kid' video, then google it......Did you google it? See video and come back.

My husband and I use 'apparently' now in most conversations, Especially when we are irritated with each other because it cracks us up still. One needs to crack to make the other crack and then the standoff is ovah. It's seeping in to all conversations now, apparently. I even find myself using it with other people and at work and so does he.

That is also my marriage advice 101. Still at it after 18 years and counting. the topic.

This is part of my "Fallishness" posts. Fallishness is a made up work of mine--like sniglets. I love things Fall and want Fall way before it's really Fall (and WAY, WAY before it's Fall in Georgia?) Which is kind of foolish. Thus, Fallishness.
I've spent a bit of Fall in Vermont, Maine, and Michigan in different years , so that's why I am so IN to Fall.

September is apparently 'bringing back pumpkin month'. Shouldn't it be October? or November? I mean we got 91 degrees as the high today in the Atlanta area. I got a cute, pretty Dunkin Donut flyer thingeee in the mail with pumpkin everything...'Pumpkin Dunkin'. It will be trashed because it is friggin' food porn. We went to Dunkin donuts for little scoops of ice cream as a treat today and the Pumpkin isn't there . Apparently , it will be on Sept 1st.

I have to ration myself on pumpkin flavored things or else I burn out on it before the night time temperatures get to 50. I just like the sound and thought of it and that keeps me going for a while. I savor the idea of looking forward to it rather than indulging. It's like vacation-I'm in to the planning and imagination and excitement part of it and the actual vacation when it comes is gone in a flash.

But the pumpkin thing--maybe a baked item or the first pumpkin cottage cheese concoction I like.....

One Saturday morning in the near future when it's a cool 55 to 60 ish degrees outside, I'll go out to my backyard patio table in my pjs with a steaming mug of coffee and eat a pumpkin something. Or maybe just have a cup of pumpkin chai tea. mmmmmmm Maybe I'll light up a pumpkin candle. I'll watch the squirrels and birds party in our oak tree laden back yard while my dog sighs and watches and sits at my feet.

See it's worth waiting for.

I'm setting the date ahead to start the pumpkinating for the first day of Fall Sept 23- the Autumnal Equinox. (My inner Fallishness addict just cringed.) Better to reduce or delay any carb eating any way possible.
Maybe I'll have a friend over and eat popcorn and we'll watch one of my favorite Fall movies that day "The Village" or "Practical Magic". I'll decorate the house with my box of Fall/ autumn things with all my various sized fake pumpkins and pine cones and sunflower / fall leaf bouquets.

Food addict? Fall addict? Yes. But this makes things more enjoyable and savored versus just becoming an everyday thing or being abused. I also don't obsess over having it or not having it or feeling temptation . I know I 'll have something and I can just wait. I did the last year and when the date came I just ignored it and had it a few weeks later. It wasn't a big deal. It works for me. Apparently. Find what works for you.

Bath and Body Works is all about the pumpkin too and I did indulge in some room spray and an itty bitty candle and a room infuser. Then they hand me coupons that are good for more pumpkin stuff starting later in September...just keep us coming back will ya. Most of the stuff there I can't stand, but occasionally I really like one or two things.

Pumpkin smells--I can do . We have been using a "Winter" scented BBW spray in the bathroom and I want to save that till it's actually closer to the holidays. I kept meaning to buy Lemon or something summerish but never did. On the other hand, Thriftiness abounds in my mind these days, so I bought a citrus mint scented, giant 34 ounce bottle of hand soap at Bed, Bath, and BEYOND for $1.99. Much cheaper than Bath and Body Works or any thing at a grocery store. Should last forever.

So that's my Fall/ Pumpkin thoughts for the day...Oh yea, I did find Dunkin Donuts coffee on sale at Target for $7.99 and I had a $2 off coupon to use. There was the Pumpkin spice flavored coffee sitting next to a Maple Brown Sugar flavored. Flavored coffee and teas takes care of my sweet tooth most of the time and home brewed is way cheaper and less caloric than a Starbucks or Dunkin Donuts store treat. I've been 5 days without coffee because of my stomach issues, so I bought it (the maple kind) but kind of sighed longingly as I did so.

Do you pumpkin too?